If you've ever had challenges in life, been stuck in a relationship and couldn't find the solution, wanted to reach your dreams but didn't know how, then you've come to the right place. None of us were given a manual for life, yet some people seem luckier and are more successful than others. What secrets could they hold?

There are millions of things in the world we aren't aware of and don't know about. The user manual how the brain works and how it can be manually rearranged to its potential has been known for decades yet until we are exposed to it, how could one know of its existence

If we don't know what to look for then how could we even notice it when it passes by? In most cases it's too obvious to pay any extra attention to and that is the paradigm we often walk into. 

The purpose of this blog is to reveal secrets about yourself, offer tools to becoming a more resourceful problem solver so you can overcome the challenges in your life get what you want. I prefer not to offer inspirational fluff, a feel good pill to pop in and all our problems would vanish.

Instead of giving you fish and feed you for a day, you'll learn to fish and feed yourself for life. 

It takes effort to trade instant gratification into long term success. With practice and new strategies everything can become possible.

It's a bumpy road but then again, if it was easy, everyone would be living their dreams.

Your return of investment is the time and effort you invest into it. Those who become successful are those who apply the information and use the tools to build the masterpiece. Tools don't build a house and a house built using only hands is not going to last the storm. You'll discover new things about yourself and become more kind and comfortable with who you are.

"Don't just believe what I've told you, that's useless. Believe it because you have tested it and found it useful."

Just a little disclaimer. This blog is a compilation of the geniuses I've studied. 99% what you read here is just my interpretation of it. The book I'm writing will have the credits and scientific research the concepts are based on to keep the posts short and efficient.
Take everything with grain and salt and figure out a way how you can fit it into your life. I recommend giving it 110% for each concept and at least three months to implement it before deciding if it doesn't or does work for you. It's important to give new concept enough time so they have the chance to fit to your model of the world and the order your brain is constructed.

Like a cake, success has certain ingredients. There are many ways baking a delicious cake yet certain principles need to apply. When you understand the foundations, certain ingredients applied in a particular order which creates the results we want then you can go wild and build your own masterpiece.
Success has its own recipe the question is are you willing to see the effort and find out HOW you can do it?

My goal with this blog is to share resources and motivate so you can become successful. It's to get you doing.

Now is the right time to take charge of your life, develop patience, will power and make the life you've always wanted.

Yours respectfully,

Jussi Tarvainen


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